codemonkey-itazuramono asked:

* billysquirrel (*whistles innocently while walking away*)

ratasum-renegade answered:

Because I’m a tad uncomfortable making any assumptions or judgements OoC about billysquirrel (or anyone else for that matter), I’m going to do it with a couple of his characters instead.

• • •

Hic - Uhhh, um. Nakk, y’ said? Oh yeah! The guy who’s all about untz untz untz. Dances like a - hic - beast and got all the ravishing moves! Super awesome, you know? Untz untz untz! Yeah! ‘S how you get th’ party star-ted!” Nakkt spouted, drunkenly waving his shotglass in the air.

“Hey! Would you look at that! He’s like a walking bolt of damask lined with orichalcum! So pretty! Oooh, look at that shiny sky blue hair. C’mon, Riiva! I wanna touch his hair! Do you wanna go touch his hair? Let’s go touch his hair~” Jianmei blubbered excitedly, pointing at Shorra across the way.




Ita is a sweetie. You should join OVRZ with us - billysquirrel

Speaking of [OVRZ], I joined last night! Banana (y’all can call me that too) is here to crash the party~


I’d been mulling over joining [OVRZ] with my last free guild slot; I’ve been holding off…

Awesome! Welcome to the guild. =3 Also to Ita, NEVAH! X3







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I thought watermelon just had too much rind and that was wrong until I saw the next gif 

I didn’t know that people are mangoes and kiwis any other way. Why the fuck would you do that?


Saw this on facebook the other day and seriously fell in love. This is so freaking awesome and helps eliminate waste. Definitely trying these ways from now on.